Sailing to Combarro

Sailing to Combarro

After spending a couple of days in Ribeira we continued our sailing south to Combarro. According to our sailing guide for this area it would be a “shame” not visiting Combarro once being around this place. So we do.

It was a very nice sailing down here which we enjoyed very much. Wind was good, weather more or less ok (cloudy, partially sunny, around 10 degress Celcius). Now we are exploring Combarro before we continue further south to Baiona, which will be the last spanish marina before we enter portugues Waters.

Ribeira, Galicia, Spain

Arrived in Ribeira. Instead of sailing the engine was on and the sea was a bit rough. But no real issues. The only issue is the bad weather here. I thought March in Spain would be already sunny with more than 15 degrees Celsius. It is almost always only around 10 and rainy. Forecast for the next two weeks is like this. Not good.

Our way so far

Our way so far

This map shows our sailing so far since we started for 7 years 7 seas. Beginning of June 2017 we begun in Travemünde/Germany. After sailing the baltic sea for two months we headed south and arrived end of October in A Coruña, where we still are. These were 2.500 nautical miles (or bit more than 4.600 km) in 5 months.

As soon as it is getting warmer and we are having wind with the right force from the right direction we will continue south along the coast of the iberian peninsula.

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago.

This morning, January 15th 2018, we started from A Coruña to Santiago de Compostela. According to the monolith there are exactly 73,204 km in front of us.

After more than 10 km walking through A Coruña und suburbs we had for the 2nd half of the way the Sergude more rural paths.

After a bit less than 5 hours we arrived after 22 km in Sergude, where we want to spend the night in this hostel.

It is located in a very remote area and since not a lot of pilgrims are using this version of Camino Inglés, there are only every now and then guests arriving.

Considering the price of Euro 6 per night and person the revenue for january is propably only Euro 12. Who might take the losses?

Although there are two rooms availabile, my wife and I decided to stay togehter in this one:

Baltic Sea Sailing

Baltic Sea Sailing

Actually we are in Spain. But by accident I found the first sailing videos I took. June 2017 on the way from Warnemünde/Germany to Gedser/Denmark. At the end of the first video you can see why I took the second one from the sheltered inside.


Xmas time in A Coruña

Xmas time in A Coruña, Spain

As in a lot of places, Xmas time is something special in Spain as well. Nice Illumination all around in A Coruña. Although it got a bit colder, streets are crowded at weekend evenings and makes it great to go out for a drink.

We also met nice people at the marina. A couple from New York City, Court and Rafael with their son Gabriel. They just started in France with a newly bought catamaran and are now on the way to Canary Islands, Mediteranean Sea and then Brasil, where Rafael is coming from. In case you would like to join them for a sailing trip, look here.

And Larissa and Chris on their HR SV Kauana are back again. We met them first in Cherbourg and then here in A Coruña. They originally intended to leave their boat here and sail as crew of another one to the Caribean but changed their mind on canary islands and came back for the winter time to A Coruña. They publish great videos on their youtube channel.

Working and sailing

Working and sailing

A lot of working and a bit of sailing is, what we did the last 9 days. Our visitors left on saturday and we started working on our open-items-list on Sunday. Working on the water maker. Thought it will run on monday but eventually it was wednesday when work was finished.

Main part was to build in the panel with all the hoses etc. and make sure that the salt water outlet is sealed properly. Couple a days later test run and yes, it is working. First part was to flush the membranes to get rid of some conservation fluid. And today we produced the first around 30 Liters for our potable water tank.

The other project was to prevent water in the anchor chain cabin. The outlet on the bottom was full with waste (esp. leafes) so no water was able to get out there. With this the cabin got fuller and fuller and eventually water come into the boat. We cleaned it, so now water can get out through the hole in the botteom. But to have a kind of plan B, I installed a second outlet above the waterline as I saw it on several other boats.

Lucky as I am with stuff like this, I screwd through a metal plate. With this it was a bit more complicated to get a hole for a water outlet. But finally it is in place and hopefully there will no more coming water into the boat from this place.

With this and some smaller stuff the week was over. On Saturday we started sailing again. From Travemünde to Boltenhagen. From there on Sunday to Kühlungsborn and yesterday from there to Warnemünde, to anchor there. Was a really nice and qiuite night there. Today now into the close by secure marina, waiting for the hurricane. Ok not really hurricane but, with gusts > 40 kn to be expected, good to be safe there.

Some impressions:




Baltic Sea circle

Baltic Sea circle

The day before yesterday we finished our baltic sea circle. A rather small one and more a triangle than a circle. The small line on the right corner of the triangle was our anchor adventure.

Friday evening we had wonderful visitors. My sister- and brother-in-law. They brought us some stuff we left at their home and most important, missing parts for our watermaker. Delivery came from Trinidad and arrived there 2 hours before they left for the trip to us. Perfect Timing.

After they’ve left, we watched german football final.

The boats you can see in the background btw spin right in front of our porch/patio.

So today I continued the installation of our water maker. Now everything is complete between waterintake, membranes and panel. Last one I will install tomorrow and by this finalising the installation.

In case everything goes according to plan and works properly we can start to change the water of the seven seas into drinking water. Guess this gives enough drinking water for the next years.



Monday we left Kühlungsborn Marina. Was not a lot of wind announced so we intended to try to anchor in front of a beautiful beach. Not yet south sea but you need to start slowly.

For BBQ fish was on the menu. Some preparations and optimistic starting into our fishing career.

Me too. But without a fish nearby my rivets on my fishing rod broke. So I fixed this and started my fishing career as well.

Codfish is supposed to be around here. So we read about how to catch some and prepared our fishing rod as described with respective bait which we held close to the ground (which is in the baltic sea seldom far away).

And: without success. So our grill stayed empty:

Ok, not really, for “the very unlikely case of” we were prepared with some meat.

Not prepared were we with the second night. There was some more wind announced, around 20 kn. Our anchor was stable located, so maybe some shaking and a not 100% sleep.

But around midnight I realised a wet floor, opend a floor flap and almost up to it was salt water. Not good. So we pumped it empty and tried to find the source. It was somehow clear, that there are not a lot of possibilites on a steel yacht. Basically the only area was were the anchor chain is stowed. The pump has no problem bringing the water out. But I guess you can imagine, it was a sleeples night.

Then today some drying and cleaning.

Eventually it was clear. Water coming over board (and there was a lot due to the weather situation) wasn’t able to get out of the anchor compartment because the outlet was blocked. Here you can see the soup the anchor was in and it was actually up to almost the top before I started to put it out (before/after).

And here the reason why baltic sea water was able to use our guest room.

Bad luck? No, I don’t think so. I need to get better in checking all details. It’s really different to a living house, where you need to keep things decent but you don’t need to check everything all the time. On a sailing boat it is crucial.


Three days

Three days

The first three days of our long long journey are behind us. We are cruisng the Baltic sea.

First day was a 28 sm trip from Travemünde to Grossenbrode (both Germany). Starting with moderate wind and 5 kn speed from the back, it was fine sailing.Half the way the wind died and we had to do the remaining part using our engine.

First day ended with BBQ. We were just in time ready with diner before rain started.

Yesterday then we worked on our to-do list. A lot of items, all minor, but kept us busy.

Today now from Grossenbrode to Kühlungsborn. Similar to yesterday we started with good wind for the 29 sm, but for the final 10 sm we had to run the engine.

Trip was nevertheless fine and now we are lying in a secure box at the local marina. We are still in the phase to get to know our boat better considering, that we are sailing with it for so far only 15 days. But with each day we are getting more confortable in handling it.

Sunset of the day: